Where does a cruiseship berth in Zeebrugge ?

Our cruise calendar will show you the date and the name of the ship and also the quay number where she will be berthed. Larger ships (longer than 200 m) will likely be moored at the Swedish Quay, smaller ones at the Maritime Station.

What does Zeebrugge have to offer to a tourist ?

To be truthful, the tourist appeal of Zeebrugge is not exactly mind-boggling. Yet, this small coastal village, surrounded by its large-scale working port, does have a few unknown treasures on offer.
Zeebrugge has the widest sandy beach on the Belgian coastline, it has a picturesque marina with bistros offering local delicacies, a maritime themepark where you can visit a Russian submarine and some interesting WW1-remnants of the Saint-George day raid of 1918.
More info: visitbruges.be

What are the main tourist destinations from Zeebrugge ?

Most passengers wish to visit Bruges, just 15 km away from Zeebrugge. Other popular destinations are the historic city centers of Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp.  Nearby coastal cities like Blankenberge, Ostend and Knokke are attracting ever larger numbers of cruise passengers. The same applies to some small picturesque villages like Lissewege and Damme.  And of course the battle fields of WW1 near Ypres remain a popular excursion.

How can I get to Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, Blankenberge, Ostend or Knokke ?

Booking an excursion with your cruise line is by far the most comfortable way to plan a day visit to a tourist destination without time loss. The excursion coach awaits you alongside the ship, a guide accompanies you during the excursion and returns you to the ship in time.

Organizing your own excursion is cheaper but requires more effort. First, you hop on the complimentary port shuttlebus which brings you from your ship to the terminal exit. There you have a choice between public transport (tram and train) or taxis.   In actual practise many lines offer a (sometimes payable) shuttle service to the Blankenberge railway station, where trains to Bruges, Ghent or Brussels depart every half hour.

Outside the terminal, you will find private operators offering bus transport to Bruges.

Where can I find taxis and how much do they cost ?

Taxis are not allowed to go alongside the ship. You will find the taxi line just outside the terminal next to the drop-off zone of the complimentary port shuttle.

The taxi fare is fixed.  A trip to Bruges will cost you € 55, regardless of how many people travel in the car. The fare to Ostend is € 70 and to Brussels € 170.  For every other destination prices start at € 2.40 and € 2.50 is charged for every additional km. Should you be charged more, please address someone of the security staff to make a formal complaint.

Does Zeebrugge offer a free port shuttle ?

Yes.  Since the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) does not allow foot passengers on a mixed passenger & freight terminal, the port authority of Zeebrugge offers a complimentary shuttle service between the gangway and the terminal exit.  Most lines also offer a shuttle service between the gangway and the railway station in Blankenberge. Some lines offer this for free, others will charge the passenger for this service.

Does Zeebrugge have a terminal building ? What does it have to offer ?

As of Summer 2018, Zeebrugge  welcomes its cruise guests and crew in a fully fledged terminal offering free wifi,  excursion information stands, a shop, lounge space, security screening, a restaurant and a visitor centre.

Where can I meet relatives or friends during my call in Zeebrugge ?

The cruise terminal in the ABC building at the Rederskaai offers a comfortable setting to meet with your relatives or friends. Passengers of the ship take the free port shuttle, which will bring them to the cruise terminal building.  Visitors park their car outside the terminal building.

Can I rent cars of bicycles in Zeebrugge ?

As yet, car or bicycle rental is not offered in Zeebrugge. We expect the new cruise building to provide an impetus to a larger offer of services from private companies.

Can I start a cruise trip in Zeebrugge ?

At the moment Zeebrugge is primarily a port for day-calls allowing passengerst to make an excursion from Zeebrugge.  With the cruise building becoming operational in Summer 2018, the ambition is to offer full turnarounds for small, luxury vessels and partial embarkations for larger vessels. Still, some cruise lines are already offering departures from Zeebrugge to Belgian travellers.

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