Border Inspection Post (FASFC)


Border Inspection

The Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain implements obligations with regard to its responsibility to ensure the safety of the food chain. To prevent risks to public health and the spreading of animal and plant diseases, the EU has drawn up an extensive and highly harmonized set of regulations, which has resulted in highly harmonized procedures, conditions and requirements for import of animals, plants and products thereof. Border Inspection Posts, such as the one in Zeebrugge port, guarantee these high safety and quality standards for products imported from third countries (countries outside the EU).

The Agency carries out food safety inspections throughout the food chain. Read more about which products require inspection and how these inspections take place via




Contact the Border Inspection Post in Zeebrugge:


Minister Beernaertstraat 1

8380 Zeebrugge


Lieven Vandewiele

+32 50 36 74 40