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The Port of Zeebrugge has invested in a zone for logistic activities with added value in the inner port, the Maritime Logistic Zone (MLZ). This is located right next to the port activities and guarantees a quick and easy flow of goods from the quays to the logistic zone. The MLZ has its own railway terminal and access to the new A11 motorway.



The extensive range of short sea, deep sea and inland connections safeguard your links to markets in continental Europe and the UK. More than 250 million consumers live within a range of 700km.

The Maritime Logistic Zone has 44 hectares of land and can be leased with options for both expansion in surface area and time extensions. A highly trained and multilingual workforce, with good EDC knowledge and solid support from the port authorities, contributes to the success of your logistic project.



The Board of Directors of the Brugge-Zeebrugge Port Authority (MBZ) NV (hereinafter the "Port Authority") decided, at its meeting of 18/11/2021, to issue an Invitation for Applications for the concession of a site located in the maritime logistics zone in the inner port of Zeebrugge.

The concession concerns the site located between the Koffieweg and Margareta van Oostenrijkstraat in the inner port of Zeebrugge. With a total area of 20.56 ha, the site belongs to the public port zone. The site still needs to be levelled and is accessible via the Koffieweg. The construction of a bridge across the connecting dock, which will provide optimal access from the maritime logistics zone to the terminals in the outer port, is currently in progress.

The concession is to be used for activities in the goods handling segment, and in particular logistics & distribution, related mainly to 'intercontinental' maritime container traffic.

The concession will be awarded either to a single company or to a consortium of companies.


The future concessionaire shall also be responsible for providing the necessary superstructure, such as, but not limited to, paving, roads, sewers, any railway connection from the main track and railway installations on the site, crane rails, the offices and service buildings, the workshops, the public utilities (such as water, electricity, telephony and data communication) on the concession land, the high and low voltage cabins and installations, the fencing, the lighting, the access gate and connection to the road network, fixed and/or mobile cranes, etc. The concessionaire shall submit all necessary (environmental) permit applications for this in order to obtain them and shall be responsible for any archaeological research, if required. In the event of any raising and/or levelling of the site, the concessionaire must use soil from MBZ nv instead of external soil. The candidate is responsible for the proper functioning of his installations and superstructures. The candidate shall also be responsible for the maintenance and proper management of the sites before, during and after the effective use of the site.

The application process will be followed by an effective comparison of the candidates who have submitted their applications in the correct manner, ultimately resulting in a decision regarding the granting of the concession to the most suitable candidate with whom – after possible negotiations – an agreement has been reached regarding the content of a site concession agreement for the site in question.    

With this invitation for applications, the Port Authority wishes to announce the criteria and assessment elements on the basis of which the applications will be compared and weighed. To this end, the candidates shall be requested to provide information that should make it possible to form an opinion of the candidate.

Applications must be submitted in writing and with acknowledgement of receipt by 31 January 2021 at 12:00 local Belgian time, to the following address

Port Authority Brugge-Zeebrugge (MBZ) NV
P. Vandammehuis
Isabellalaan 1

Additional information can be requested at any time in writing by letter or by telephone: 050/54.33.54 or by e-mail: The Port Authority will ensure that every candidate who has submitted an application receives the same information and any further supplements.

Applications that are late or incomplete because they do not provide the requested information can be rejected by the Port Authority.

Below we start with a description of the infrastructure and superstructure of the site to be granted to the concessionaire.  All information is provided for information purposes and the Port Authority cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions.  We subsequently explain which information is expected from the candidate and on the basis of which elements the concession will be awarded.  Finally, the conditions and the duration of the concession are given.




Concession with quay wall


Concessions are available with the option of having your own quay wall in both the inner port, along the Boudewijn canal, and in the Port of Bruges.


Port of Zeebrugge
Port of Zeebrugge


Real Estate Logistics


There are various options and formulas in the port area for buying or hiring real estate logistics,

both via the port authorities and privately.


Office Space


There are also possibilities for buying or hiring office space in and around the port area.

We will be happy to help you find the right location depending on your requirements.

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