International Car Operators (ICO)

Inland waterways
Road transport
Roro handling

ICO is the global market leader in the port handling and storage of roll-on/roll-off cargo on its various deepsea terminals. In addition to loading and unloading new vehicles, construction materials, breakbulk,  heavy lifts and any other RoRo cargo, we offer vehicle processing, shipping agency and various services related to Customs and fiscal representation, as well as the full door-to-door logistics from factory up to delivery to the client / dealer. The Northern Inlet Terminal (Zeebrugge) is located at quays 405 to 410.The Bastenaken Terminal in Zeebrugge is located at quays 501 to 505. Ships from all over the world load and unload volumes here.The Bastenaken Terminal is also a junction for (re)shipment of volumes produced within Europe. Especially new vehicles, but also other goods. At the Hanze Terminal (quay 521 to 527), ICO mainly handles Toyota cars. The further distribution in Europe is ensured by inland transportation (train, truck and shortsea services).

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