Liquid bulk

From the LNG terminal in the outer port to the United Molasses storage facility in the inner port and the Oil Tank Terminal in the Port of Bruges, the Port of Zeebrugge has a strong tradition in liquid bulk goods.



Various companies and traders have put their faith in the port in the form of investments and expansions. These companies have chosen Zeebrugge because of its location as a maritime junction in Europe, its excellent nautical accessibility and its custom solutions for clients. The port offers new investment opportunities for liquid bulk goods facilities.

Port of Zeebrugge
United Molasses Zeebrugge


Tankers come and go from all over the world: Pakistan, India, Thailand, Mexico and Sudan, as well as closer to home. Betaine, for example, is a by-product of sugar beets from the UK, France, Austria and Serbia that is consolidated in the Tameco tank park, a division of United Molasses, to then be shipped to Finland.


Another example is Tropicana, part of the PepsiCo group, which has its own production plant along the quay in the inner port. When the tankers arrive, filled with fruit juice from Brazil and the US, the fruit juice is pumped straight into the production unit, where it is filled into bottles and cartons. The production is then exported to various countries across Europe. The current production capacity is 290 million litres per year.

Tropicana Zeebrugge

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