Around 8 million new vehicles are assembled in the hinterland of Zeebrugge every year, which leads to a large flow of components and finished vehicles.

The major deep sea and short sea shipping companies focus their services at the Zeebrugge platform, where they organise their European and intercontinental network.

The Port of Zeebrugge is therefore the global market leader for the import, export and transfer of new vehicles.

The terminals have a total surface area of 375 hectares, with parking capacity for 210,000 units.

Port of Zeebrugge
Port of Zeebrugge


All major car brands have put their faith in Zeebrugge, not just for transportation of their finished product, but also for services with added value such as the installation of optional extras, etc.

Around 2000 people are employed in the automotive sector in Zeebrugge; the equivalent of a small car factory.

Global Leading Automotive Port
Port of Zeebrugge

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