The main berthing place for cruise vessels is the Swedish Quay (quay 702-703), along the coastal road, just next to the Pierre Vandamme sealock. Other cruise berths can also easily be reached by using the signs for the quay numbers: Maritime Station (Leopold II dam, quay 103) or CHZ (New Yorklaan, quay 205-206).

AIDAprima in Port of Zeebrugge
Accessibility Port of Zeebrugge

Road traffic
Zeebrugge is excellenty connected tot he network of European highways via the N31, the A11 and the E40 which makes the main tourist destinations quickly and easily attainable.

Travel times from Zeebrugge via the road:
- Blankenberge, Knokke: 10 minutes
- Bruges, Damme: 20 minutes
- Ostend: 35 minutes
- Ypres (Flanders Fields): 40 minutes
- Ghent:  55 minutes
- Brussels: 75 minutes
- Antwerp: 80 minutes

Coastal tram
The coastal trams assures frequent connections  (6 every hour in Summer,  3 every hour in Winter) with other coastal resorts such as Blankenberge, Knokke, Ostend and De Haan.

travel times from tram stop ‘Zeebrugge Kerk’:
- Blankenberge (station): 12 minutes
- Knokke (station): 13 minutes
- De Haan (aan zee): 28 minutes
- Ostend (station): 40 minutes

Easy railway connection from Blankenberge
The tram links all coastal resorts and villages

Train / Bus
The main regional train connections are Zeebrugge-Bruges (1 train every hour) and Blankenberge-Bruges (1 train every half hour). Most cruise lines will offer their guests an (often complimentary) shuttle service to the railway station in Blankenberge.  Every half hour trains depart from Bruges to Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp.  The high speed rail network links Brussels to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne in just a few hours.  The high speed rail station of Lille offers 8 daily bus connections to the Bruges railway station.

Bruges is 30 km away from the Ostend regional airport and 100 km away from Brussels National Airport.

Travel times by train:
- Zeebrugge – Bruges: 20 minutes
- Blankenberge – Bruges: 13 minutes
- Blankenberge – Ghent: 53 minutes

- Blankenberge – Brussels: 1 hour, 33 minutes
- Blankenberge- Antwerp: 2 hours, 12 minutes
- Bruges – Paris: 3 hours
- Bruges – Amsterdam: 3 hours, 10 minutes
- Bruges – Cologne: 3 hours, 15 minutes
- Bruges – London: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Integrated air-sea policy
High speed rail connections