Cruise ships in the port of Zeebrugge

Port of Zeebrugge - Cruiseport

Zeebrugge welcomes more than half a million passengers every year. Over 75% of these tourists are British and German. In addition to the cruise tourists that call at the port for a day excursion, the port is also receiving the ferry passengers of the daily service to Hull in Yorkshire. 

Cruising is becoming more and more popular and affordable as a way of travelling. As vessels are getting bigger, ticket prices are falling while the offer of restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreation aboard is rising. Cruise vessels mostly sail in the evening and at night, in order for cruise tourists to discover  a new destination every morning. 

AIDA cruises in Zeebrugge

The port of Zeebrugge is the ideal tourist gateway to visit Flanders. Every year, approximately 150 cruise vessels and 300,000 passengers are welcomed. 

The location on the route from Southampton to Amsterdam is the exquisite opportunity to get acquainted with Belgium's extended touristic offer: historical cities such as Bruges, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp, pleasant seaside resorts such as Blankerberge, Oostende or Knokke, the rich war history in Ypres or picturesque villages like Damme and Lissewege. 

AIDAprima in Zeebrugge
P&O Cruises in Zeebrugge

Currently, Zeebrugge is mainly a 'transit port', which is called at during a several days sea cruise, in order to offer cruise tourists a day excursion. In the future, we seek to become more and more a departure and arrival port, so residential tourism in Bruges or the coastal area and local economy can be stimulated. 

Because of the scaling-up, cruise tourism is growing every year and is attracting an increasingly younger and more international public. Escpecially on big vessels (between 3.000 and 5.000 passengers) 'cruising' is becoming more and more affordable while the smaller, luxury vessels are attracting an older wealthy public. 

Gangway in Zeebrugge

Onder de noemer ‘Belgian Coast Cruise Project’ voeren de havens van Zeebrugge en Oostende samen promotie om Vlaanderen als toeristische bestemming voor cruiseschepen bekend te maken bij de rederijen. 


MSC Cruises in Port of Zeebrugge - Foto Dirk Neyts


De rederij P&O Ferries biedt vanuit Zeebrugge mini-cruises aan naar Hull in Yorkshire met gemengde vracht- & passagiersschepen.

Elke dag wordt om 18.00 uur een afvaart geboden richting Noord-Engeland. Aan boord vind je restaurants, bars, winkels, entertainment en slaaphutten. ’s Anderendaags om 08.00 uur komen de reizigers (en eventueel hun wagens) op hun bestemming aan.

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