Harbour Master's Office

Port Authority


The port of Zeebrugge is a young seaport with a modern port equipment suitable for the largest ships.

The harbour master's office of the port authority is responsible for taking measures to safeguard the public order and safety of the port activities. This includes:

Regulation of cargo handling and storage.

Embarking and disembarking of passengers.

Regulation of port access and navigation inside the port area.

Protection of the environment, the integrity and the safety in the port area.





A dynamic team of Harbour Masters, lieutenants, quay masters and lock masters under the direction of the Senior Harbour Master and his administration vouch for all practical operations of the port.

Because the port never sleeps, the harbour master's office is operational 24/7.


The harbourmaster enforces law and security in the port. When entering the port of Zeebrugge or Bruges, you are subjected to certain conditions.


International and national law
In the port there are regulations of the IMO, Solas and the Recommendations of the European Union operative. For the inland navigation, the ADN regulation is operative. All national relevant law is operative as well.

Local regulation
Next to all international and national regulations, the Port Authority has a local regulation, where you can find the house regulations. 




The website https://zedis.portofzeebrugge.be is an initiative of the Zeebrugge port authorities. Its aim is to be a central control application for all port users. 

Zedis is a network for EDI messages, for integrated computer-to-computer applications, as well as manual entry of documents and online retrieving of data.


Zedis allows shipping agencies to execute part of the administration related to the call and stay of a seagoing vessel in an electronic way. This includes the allocation of berthing places, modification of berthing places, declaration of small amounts of hazardous cargoes and the preliminary notification of waste on board of the ships.