Press Photo/Film Permit

Thank you for your interest in the Port of Zeebrugge. We are happy to welcome the press in our port. 

However, it is prohibited to photograph or to film in the port area without a permit granted by the Zeebrugge harbour master's office. 

To request a permit, please follow these instructions:

-The harbour master's office and our communications department must be notified of your visit. 

-To receive a permit, you must deliver the following information to both the harbour master's office and the communication department: A copy or photograph of the ID of every person coming to Zeebrugge. (Press Cards are not accepted) Also, the vehicles and the licence plates of these vehicles used for the visit to the port of Zeebrugge. 

Once you have received this permit, you are allowed to film or make photos from public roads in the port area. A few suggestions are summed up below. 

Please take into account that there are restrictions:

- The permit does not allow drone images or drone filming in the port area. 

- It is prohibited to film or take photos of activities on terminals. You can only film on terminals if you have specific permission of the terminal company. 



There is a Brexit Press Centre at the ABC Tower (Cruise Building) in Zeebrugge. The press centre is open during office hours. At this press centre, you will find general information about the Port of Zeebrugge concerning Brexit. All the information displayed is available to download on our Brexit information page. You must notify the harbour master's office and the communciations department of your visit. Interview requests or general requests can be made through our Press Office. Filming in the Press Centre and on the deck of the first floor of the cruise building is allowed. 

If you have requested and received a Permit for filming or making photos in the port area, please also take into account the following restriction:

Press is not allowed at the terminal gates or at the Brexit waiting zones. 


Film and Photo Locations Port of Zeebrugge

If you have received a permit from the harbour master's office to film in the port area, you are allowed to do this on these locations. Please make sure that you do not obstruct port operations or traffic. 

From top left to bottom right:

- Westerdam, Zeebrugge

- Leopold II-dam, Zeebrugge

- Visserskruis, Zeebrugge

- ABC Tower (Cruise building), Rederskaai 60/61, Zeebrugge

- Uitkijkpost / Observation Deck, Kustlaan, Zeebrugge

- N350, Zeebrugge