Entering the port area

When entering the port area, there are traffic signs mentioning "DE HAVEN IS SLECHTS TOEGANKELIJK VOOR DE PERSONEN DIE ER DOOR HUN AMBT, HUN ZAKEN OF BEZIGHEDEN GEROEPEN ZIJN" ("The port is only accessible for persons, which have to be there because of their profession, businesses or activities" - Art. 48 of the Regulation port of Zeebrugge, the sea channel and the docks of Bruges.

Anyone who wants to enter the port area needs a permission. These permissions are given to persons who need access to the port area for professional reasons.

There are various kinds of permissions (cruise vessel, technicians, ....).

Government officials in function and with legitimation, have access to port area at all times, according to the assigned duties.

Seamen are supposed to be in the possession of any kind of legitimation (Seamans book, identity card, ...) and come under ISPS regulation.

Persons who enter the port area only on occasional basis, and for professional purposes only, must be able to provide proof.




Betreden van de terminal bij de aanloop van een cruiseschip

De mogelijkheden om de terminal te betreden om passagiers van een cruiseschip op te halen zijn gereglementeerd in een informatienota, en afhankelijk van de hoedanigheid van degene die de terminal wenst te betreden. Het niet naleven van de voorschriften zal sancties tot gevolg hebben. 

Bezoeken cruiseschip
toelating fotograferen

Permission to take pictures/movies inside the port area

Art.120 ter of the penal code forbids taking pictures of among other things, maritime installations without permission.

Exceptionally, permission is given to take pictures or to film inside the port area. 

Procedure: An application for permission to film/photographe has to be sent to the harbour masters office (e-mail address hkd@mbz.be). When the shots take place on a concession in the port area, permission has to be obtained from the concessionaire in the first place. 


Document “Permission for entering the port area" short stay

This is a document meant to give access to persons who have to execute a specific work in the port for a short period.

Application: The initiator of the works which have to be executed, addresses the harbour masters office by mail hkd@mbz.be 


The following information must be mentioned and added:

  • Name of the initiating company 
  • Description why access is required and to which part of the port 
  • Name of company which is subcontractor
  • Names of employees who will execute the works
  • Copies of the identity cards or passports of employees who will execute the works
  • Date/data when the work will be executed
  • Fax number or e-mail address of the initiating company


Pass "Permission for entering the port area" frequent stay

This is a personal admission pass, meant for persons who are working in the port area on a weekly / daily basis. 

Application: Employer sends a mail to the harbour masters office on the following address: hkd@mbz.be


The following information must be mentioned and added:             

  • Name employee
  • Postal address company
  • Function employee and/or description why access is required 
  • Parts of the port area for which access is necessary 
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Recent passport photograph

Passes which have expired and passes of persons who are no longer working in the port, have to be returned to the harbour masters office.