58th European Commodities Exchange


The European Commodities Exchange has grown over the years to take in 37 Exchanges from 12 different countries. Its reputation and influence broadly exceed the context of commercial business in the strictest sense. The Exchanges are not stock exchanges in the customary sense of this expression but cereals markets which group operators from the seed, fertiliser, animal feed and related product sectors, as well as the tertiary sector (banks, transport, insurance, etc.).

Each year, in one of Europe’s major cities, the European Commodities Exchange asserts the representative activities of the members of the Exchanges through the increasing success of its meetings. In practice, they offer the opportunity for the players in the cereal sector to meet each other face to face, discuss the market’s future, establish contacts and consolidate their relationship of reciprocal trust.

Today, the member Exchanges are vying for the honour of hosting more than 3000 participants; the 58th European Commodities Exchange Days will take place in Rouen on 25th and 26th October 2018.

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