5G innovation put to a practical use in the Port of Zeebrugge

  • 5G in Port of Zeebrugge Citymesh grafische representatie

The 5G-project of the Port of Zeebrugge is gaining momentum as the outer port is already benefitting from increased automation. The deployment of the 5G network in the inner port area is due for completion mid-2020.  

With this project, the Port of Zeebrugge is a pioneer in innovation and automation, as the 5G network can support the use of autonomous vehicles, safety drones and augmented reality.  

Port of Zeebrugge made the investment for a private 5G network for the port area in 2019. Together with Citymesh and Nokia, Port of Zeebrugge is now able to supply a working 5G network that will provide wireless connectivity to more than 100 endpoints across the entire port operations. Safety, the acceleration of innovation, and offering an ecosystem for the logistics sector are the overarching goals of this project.  

Thanks to the successful deployment of this network, Port of Zeebrugge will be able to track, analyse and manage connected devices across multiple port-based applications in real time. We are specifically talking about the connectivity with tugboats, air pollution detectors, security cameras and quay sensors. Furthermore, the connectivity to a 5G network will be advantageous to major building projects of the port, such as the building and the maintenance of offshore wind farms.  

A 5G-ready platform at the Port of Zeebrugge brings benefits to a wide range of stakeholders across local enterprises. The network will act as a beacon for our partners to develop and deliver new solutions right across the logistics value chain. This investment in fast connectivity strengthens our position as an ultramodern logistics centre for European and intercontinental markets.  

This project fits in the innovation strategy designed by the Port of Zeebrugge. Aside from existing projects such as RX Seaport, that aims at simplifying registration of cargo at customs in response to the Brexit, Port of Zeebrugge believes that this 5G-network is a in important step in port innovation.