APL’s North Atlantic Service (NAS), a new connection between Zeebrugge and the United States


APL announced on 12 December 2017 the launch of the new North Atlantic Service (NAS), which will provide APL customers direct access to Zeebrugge and Philadelphia.

Moreover,  NAS will offer market leading transit times between North Europe and U.S. East Coast. APL will thus connect major markets in Northern Europe and the U.S. East Coast with fast transit times.

The NAS port rotation will be as following: Zeebrugge – London – Rotterdam – Dunkerque – Le Havre – New York – Savannah – Miami – Savannah – Philadelphia – Zeebrugge.

The first sailing of this new service will take place in January 2018. In Zeebrugge, the first vessel in this service is expected when the season for kiwifruits traditionally starts in April.