Container sector’s increase in scale sets records in Zeebrugge

  • MSC New York in Zeebrugge

The continuously growing dimensions in shipping do not go unnoticed in the port of Zeebrugge. With a record number of TEUs stacked on the Emma Maersk leaving the port last October, a record in ship size in December and the expectance of the world’s largest container ship in January, records are being crushed left and right.  

Earlier this week, the port authority welcomed Mediterranean Shipping Company’s (MSC) newest container vessel in Zeebrugge, the MSC New York. With a length of 399 meters, this ship holds the record in vessel length in our port. The ship’s maximum capacity  however (16.000 TEU), equals that of CMA CGM ‘s Marco Polo, Jules Verne and Alexander Von Humboldt, three sister vessels that visit the port frequently since December 2012. These container ships are ‘only’ 396 meters long, though.

PSA’s Container Handling Zeebrugge (CHZ) terminal performed the operations for the MSC New York. 1,129 containers were discharged and 1,151 were loaded.  

In the meantime, the port prepares for the arrival of the China Shipping Container Lines Globe. This 19.100 TEU vessel has just begun her maiden trip and is expected to arrive in Zeebrugge the 16th of January.  

The CSCL Globe is now officially the world’s largest container vessel. Apart from its stunning maximum capacity, the vessel’s dimensions (400 m x 58,6 m ) are yet another step up on the scale ladder.