Finnlines lengthens vessels with 30 meters

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Every week Finnlines sends a ship from Finland and St. Petersburg to Bilbao in Spain through Zeebrugge. The ships are a well-known sight at the Port of Zeebrugge. The ro/ro vessels will have a different look as from now… As part of the energy efficiency and emission reduction investment program of EUR 70-milllion, four of their ships have been lengthened by 30 meters.

MS Finntide was the first vessel to be lengthened at Remontowa Shiprepair Yard in Gdansk, Poland. It returned to the normal traffic at the end of November 2017. The second vessel was the MS Finnwave, which returned to the service at the end of January 2018. By the end of May, the other two vessels, MS Finnsun and MS Finnsky, had been lengthened. The contract with Remontowa included the lengthening for four of its breeze series vessels, with an option of two additional vessels. The Remontowa Shiprepair Yard has experience with the jumboisation of rorovessels. Every ship was lengthened and back operational within two months.

The lengthening of the vessels was a process that took two months to complete. The vessels where cut in two and a 30-metre section was inserted between the parts. The sections were welded together again and a fresh coat of paint was added. Watch this video with images and air-shots of this process.

By lengthening the ship, the capacity increases by 30%.  Before the modification, the vessel had a capacity of  3,245 lane meters and now it has a capacity of 4,192 lane meters. This means an increase by 1,000 extra lane meters per vessel. Beside the increase of capacity, the extension has some other advantages. The bunker consumption per transported cargo unit is reduced, and thus improves energy efficiency further and contributes more to lower emissions. After the extension, the ship also has more waterline and its behavior is more stable in rough seas. Cargo safety has also improved as the vessel rolls less in heavy weather.