New Zeebrugge sealock one step closer to completion

  • Port of Zeebrugge

Proceedings at Council of State are discontinued 

Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters announced on June 10th 2021 that the procedures at the Council of State against the preferential decision of the New Lock in Zeebrugge have been stopped after reaching an agreement. As a result, the focus can now fully go to the further development of the project. 

The “Royal Belgian Sailing Club” (RBSC) and the “Brugse Zeil- en Yacht Club” (BZYC) lodged a joint objection against the preferred decision. Agreements were made with them to guarantee their continued existence. The associations also received guarantees that the marina will remain easily accessible, both during and after the completion of the lock. Carl Sabbe (chairman RBSC): "RBSC and BZYC have shown understanding for the need for a second sea lock from the start. 

Since relocating the marina is not an option, we have worked with the Flemish Government to find a viable way of combining the new sea lock with the marina. Didier Vogels (chairman of BZYC) adds: "We did this search not only in the interests of the marina but indirectly also for all the economic and tourist activities that take place in the vicinity of the marina. After all, we all need each other. Good guarantees have now been offered for this viable merger." An agreement was also reached with the other party that filed an objection. 

On course towards project decision 

Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works is delighted that after reaching an agreement, the project can now look further ahead: "Thanks to the agreements, all procedures have been dropped. This keeps us on track to realise the new lock and Nx. And that is good news, because the lock and the connecting road are badly needed to guarantee long-term employment, activity and economic growth in the region." 

The New Zeebrugge Lock is currently in the development phase. In this phase, different alternatives for the lock, the new road Nx and the liveability of the area around the Visartsite are being investigated. The end point of the development phase is the project decision. This states which alternative will be realised and how. The project decision is expected to follow at the end of 2023. In 2024, the ground will be broken. 

In consultation with businesses 

The project team of New Lock Zeebrugge also continues to consult with other companies that need a new location for their activities. The needs and wishes of these companies are examined in order to find a suitable location together. The De Spie industrial estate, for example, provides space for a number of the companies that will be relocating. De Spie is located near the B-Park shopping centre in the north of Bruges. 

About the New Lock Zeebrugge complex project 

With the 'New Lock Zeebrugge Complex Project', the Flemish government is preparing the port of Zeebrugge and its surroundings for the future. The project consists of three pillars: a second access to the inner port; a new connecting road Nx that improves mobility; an improved infrastructure and facilities that guarantee the quality of life in Zeebrugge. The project has a major impact on the environment. That is why there is a strong focus on cooperation, dialogue and up-to-date information. You can find all information about the project on