Our commercial team

  • Port of Zeebrugge commercial team
  • Port of Zeebrugge commercial team

The commercial work performed by the port authority is a group effort performed by everyone at our company, on a daily basis. However, we would like to take the opportunity to guide you through the responsibilities within the commercial department and introduce you to our commercial team.

Our CEO Joachim Coens is in charge of the general commercial strategy of the port.

Emmanuel Van Damme’s main focus is business intelligence and identifying business opportunities, business development. He is also your first contact regarding short sea operations in the port of Zeebrugge. (Chief Business Development Officer / Sales Manager Shortsea)

Pepijn De Vreese is the first person of contact for all our clients. He is also your contact for everything regarding deep sea shipping. (Chief Sales Officer / Sales Manager Deepsea)

Johan Abel coordinates hinterland logistics and hinterland solutions. He is the commercial contact for logistics operators. (Chief Sales Manager Logistics)

Patrick Van Cauwenberghe is responsible for trade facilitation and maintains contacts with organisations within the sectors of ports and logistics, as well as governmental organisations such as customs and FAVV. He builds relationships between our port and organisations such as ESPO. He also receives many international delegations in Zeebrugge. (Trade Facilitation Director)

Three Port of Zeebrugge representatives work with our commercial department in Zeebrugge to defend our international interests: Vincent De Saedeleer (China), Philippe Le Petit (France) and Chisato Watanabe (Japan).

Christa Debruyckere and Sofie Vollekindt (Management Assistants) support the commercial department.