Port of Zeebrugge and APZI Zeebrugge develop new data platform Rx/SeaPort

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APZI (Association of Port of Zeebrugge Interests) and Port of Zeebrugge have joined forces to develop a new innovative data platform “Rx/Seaport”.

Representatives of the many sectors in the Zeebrugge port community gathered at the Port House De Caese in Bruges on the 23rd of August. Four workshops, each with a specific theme, were organized to map the possibilities and benefits of a central data platform. Experts from Ernst & Young, Deloitte, PwC and Everis were also present to guide these workshops.

APZI chairman Marc Adriansens looks forward to the new platform: “Working together to develop a new digital data platform is of great importance for the whole port community. Using the available data in a smart and efficient way will make it possible to merge the logistic processes of port players, to the benefit of all.”

CEO Port of Zeebrugge Joachim Coens adds: “Data is an important resource for the future. The port community needs to take the necessary steps to be ahead of the developments. Cooperation between all parties will lead to economy of scale and efficiency gains.”