Roadworks Port of Zeebrugge connection to A11

From Monday the 4th of May onward, roadworks will take place at the Alfred Ronsestraat (N350), the road connecting the Pierre Vandammesluis and the A11. Port of Zeebrugge and the terminals will remain accessible at all times during the roadworks. 

Aside from the reparations works to the railroad crossing, the concrete road surface will also be renewed on several locations. Furthermore, the drainage facilities will be adapted. 

In a fist phase (4th of May until the 11th of May) the traffic will have to follow a deviation via the internal port road due to the works on the railroad crossing.

In a second phase (from the 11th of May until September 2020) the traffic from the A11 towards Zeebrugge will be able to pass on one lane. The traffic from Zeebrugge towards the A11 is being deviated via the Barlenhuisstraat and the Aziëstraat.

In the first half of September, roadworks will also start at the Isabellalaan. These, however, will cause no traffic deviations.