Versluys Logistics, Ostend-Bruges International Airport and Port of Zeebrugge plan to set up a combined sea and air logistics freight platform

  • Ondertekening LOI
  • Ondertekening LOI

Following the exclusive cooperation agreement between Versluys and the Ostend-Bruges International Airport to develop a 'Cargo Village' with logistics real estate on certain parts of the airport, a letter of intent has been signed today between Versluys Logistics and Port of Zeebrugge. This declaration of intent will form the basis for an ambitious concept that should eventually lead to the integration of a joint sea/air freight supply chain.’ Both parties commit themselves to connect their respective gateways to the world in an overarching logistic 'sea & air gateway'.


Advantages of a joint logistic cooperation

Through a collective market approach, Versluys Logistics and Port of Zeebrugge will profile themselves as one large logistics platform that offers a solution for contemporary and future logistics challenges. The integration of the different logistics levels can be relevant in two ways. On the one hand, part of the sea or air freight segment can be interchanged. Whereas, on the other hand, the two separate segments can be complementary, which creates the ability to support new forms of distribution. This complementarity between port and airport provides more options, more flexibility and a better grip on the logistics chain as a whole.


Bart Versluys (CEO Versluys Groep - parent company Versluys Logistics)

Due to the corona crisis and the strong growth of e-commerce, the demand for logistics real estate has increased significantly. The exclusive agreement we concluded last year with the airport of Ostend-Bruges gives us the unique opportunity to grow into a leading player in this rapidly evolving market segment. After all, high-quality logistics warehouses around airports are extremely popular. Following on from this, I am also particularly pleased with the declaration of intent that we signed today with the Port of Zeebrugge. This declaration of intent lays the foundations on which we can build a strong global logistics platform in the future. Through this collaboration, the entirety of logistics processes can be linked within one large global 'sea & air gateway'- Port of Flanders.

Tom Hautekiet (CEO MBZ Maatschappij van de Brugse Zeehaven NV)

The increasing globalization has an impact on logistics flows and contributes to the development of new markets. The growing logistics demand means that the role of distribution centers in the vicinity of a multimodal transport network is becoming increasingly essential. Our coastal port realizing a platform together with the airport of Ostend-Bruges makes it possible to create a strategic synergy and to strengthen our region as a concentration area for economic development.