1985 - 2000

At its inauguration the port is welcoming the “Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race”. Thousands of people are visiting the sailing ships in the port.

Sail 1985 Zeebrugge
Belgian New Fruit Wharf

Increase of cargo traffic

As a result of the new port infrastructure, several large-scale transhipment companies opened new terminals in Zeebrugge, where several types and tonnages of ships can be served. Moreover, nearly all types of goods can be handled there. For this reason, many shipping companies and consortia have also included Zeebrugge as a fixed port of call in the scheme of their European and intercontinental lines.

As a consequence, the number of ships as well as traffic in Zeebrugge have increased spectacularly during this period; each year, more than 10,000 ships moored at the port and cargo traffic increased from 14 million tons in 1985 to 35.5 million tons in 2000.

A brief account of the most important events in this period:

The opening of various terminals in the inner port:

  • Combined Terminal Operators (CTO) for the handling of conventional general cargo and new cars
  • Belgian New Fruit Wharf for the supply of fruit (bananas, kiwis and apples)
  • the Zeebrugse Behandelingsmaatschappij (ZBM) for the import of coal and iron ore
  • the Cast container terminal, later transformed into the Canada terminal of SeaRo for the shipping of new cars
  • Andrew’s Fruit Terminal
  • the Zeebrugse Visveiling
  • the gas terminal of Statoil
  • World Port Services (distribution of new cars)
  • Flanders Cold Center (deep-freeze warehouse)
  • Bridgestone-Firestone (distribution of tyres)
  • the car terminals of Wallenius-Wilhelmsen Lines
ZBM Zeebrugge
Cast terminal Zeebrugge
Bridgestone Zeebrugge

The opening of various terminals in the outer port:

  • the LNG terminal of Distrigas
  • the Brittannia roro terminal of SeaRo
  • P&O North Sea Ferries (passenger and freight terminal)
  • Flanders Container Terminals
  • the Dart Line roro terminal of Hessenatie


The introduction of the Transport zone Zeebrugge.


LNG terminal Distrigas Zeebrugge
Voorhaven Zeebrugge