Port visit

A recreational port visit is definitely instructive and also the most pleasant way to discover the port. You can do this in several ways (in group, by bus or by boat) and on different locations



Group visits by bus

A group visit by bus can be requested at the public relations department of the port authority (tel. +32 50 543211) by using the following form.

A port visit must be arranged at least 1 month in advance The port can be visited every day in the morning as well as in the afternoon. We will inform you as soon as possible whether your visit can take place on the date you prefer.

The reception takes place in the ABC-tower, situated alongside the Rederskaai. You will be offered a brief movie projection and an explanation on the port by a professional guide. This is followed by an excursion of about 75 minutes through the port area, for which a bus with sound equipment is crucial.

The fee amounts to € 110 per guide. An invoice is drawn up for each visit.

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By Boat

A passenger boat leaves from the Jacques Brel-landing in the old Fishing port for a port tour by boat in the outer port of Zeebrugge Info: http://www.captainblue.be/



In and around the building of the old fish market the maritime theme park Seafront Zeebrugge is located. Here you can discover the secrets of the sea and taste the rich history of fishing. You are in charge of the former lightship West-Hinder.