Wind energy

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Wind energy

The port of Zeebrugge participates in various projects in the context of energy transition. Green energy is an essential part of this. The port of Zeebrugge currently has 50 wind turbines in the port area, which in total have a capacity of 130 MW, about the energy supply of 90,000 households.

The wind turbines in our port generate power for terminals, ships and local residents in an environmentally friendly way, without burning fossil fuels. Sustainable energy as part of and seamlessly in line with our Clean Port Strategy.

windenergie port of zeebrugge


The ICO Windpark has been operational since February 2021. The park consists of 11 wind turbines that can generate a total of 44 MW of electricity, accounting for 30,000 households. The generated energy will, among other things, be used to charge electric cars at the ICO terminal. ICO Windpark is a collaboration between ICO, Engie and the port authority of Zeebrugge.

Through its subsidiary Portfineco (a joint venture between MBZ and the intercommunal Finiwo), the port authority also participates in the 'Libeccio' wind farm of Eneco Wind, located on the terminals of Wallenius Wilhelmsen and Toyota.  The 4 wind turbines with a combined power of 12 MW (equivalent for a power supply for 8,500 households) mainly provide electricity for port-related activities.

There are 10 wind turbines on the eastern breakwater in the outer port area. The total capacity of the park, operated by Aspiravi, is 8.5 MW, accounting for 5,000 households.

Engie also operates two wind turbines in the Zeebrugge Transport Zone. With a tip height of 141 meters they provide 4.1 MW.

Through the projects "Stevin" and "Nemo" of transmission system operator Elia, Zeebrugge also plays an important role as a landing point for the electricity of the offshore wind farms off the Belgian coast.


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windenergie port of Zeebrugge
windenergie port of Zeebrugge
Windenergie port of Zeebrugge