Wind energy

windenergie Port of Zeebrugge

Wind energy

Since the extension of the outer port, Zeebrugge has resolutely chosen wind energy for generating green electricity.

The first generation of wind turbines on the Eastern breakwater has been replaced by 10 wind turbines with a capacity of 850 KW each since 2009. The overall capacity of the park that is exploited by Aspiravi, is 8.5 MW, which equals power for 5,000 families.

Along the Baudouin canal and the Pathoeke road, 18 wind turbines with an overall capacity of 33.3 MW are also providing green energy for 38,000 families. This wind park is exploited by Elicio, Electrabel and Aspiravi.

In the Transportzone Zeebrugge, 2 Electrabel wind turbines with a peak height of 151 m are supplying 4.1 MW

windenergie port of zeebrugge

Through its subsidiary company Portfineco (a joint venture between MBZ and the intermunicipal company Finiwo) the port authority is also participating in the ‘Libeccio’ wind turbine park of Eneco Wind on the terminals of Wallenius Wilhelmsen and Toyota in the inner port. The 4 wind turbines with an overall capacity of 12 MW (equivalent for a power supply for 8,500 families) are mainly supplying electricity for port related activities. Portfineco wants to set up more wind turbines on the car terminals in the inner port in the future.

At the ICO terminal in the inner port, the solar panels in place and the ongoing installation of led lighting, will additionally see the erection of up to 11 windmills, turning the terminal into a “Green” terminal.

Whilst supplying clean electricity to the local community, power will be used to supply a planned considerable number of electrical loading stations in light of the increase in electrical private car sales.

Zeebrugge is also playing an important role as onshore landing point for electricity from offshore wind parks off the Belgian coast, through the projects “Stevin” and “Nemo” of transmission network administrator Elia.

Windenergie Port of Zeebrugge
windenergie port of Zeebrugge
windenergie port of Zeebrugge
Windenergie port of Zeebrugge