De berichten aan de scheepvaart worden uitgegeven door de havendienst, en geven informatie die voor de scheepvaart in de haven van belang kunnen zijn.

Berichten aan de scheepvaart hebben betrekking op diverse onderwerpen binnen de haven, zoals stremming van een sluis of waterweg, werken, duikactiviteiten, veranderingen in maximum diepgang of tijdelijke belemmeringen die de scheepvaart beïnvloeden.

Onderstaande berichten worden op vaste tijdstippen automatisch bijgewerkt.


BS079 Draft restriction Quay 948


Until further notice a draft restriction of 3.80m applies at quay 948.

BS315 Afvalbeheersplan 2021


The new waste management plan will be in effect from 1/01/2021. You can find this document in the file “documents” on Zedis ( ) from 1/01/2021.

BS2021-110 Boudewijn Canal – Safe draught


The normal water level on the Boudewijn canal is 3,62 meters relative to LAT (3,39 TAW).

At this water level, the safe draught on the Boudewijn Canal is set at:
- North of the Verbindingsdok:
• 6,5m for vessels with a breadth until 17,5m
• 6,35m for vessels with a breadth of more than 17,5m
- South of the Verbindingsdok:
• 6,35m for vessels with a breadth until 17,5m
• 5,95m for vessels with a breadth of more than 17,5m.

Since the water level is subject to fluctuations depending on the amount of lock passages, the weather conditions, period of droughts, etc. it is recommended to contact the lockkeeper to obtain the current water level via VHF channel 68 or tel. 050/543.231.
The water level you will get from the lockkeeper will be relative to LAT.

If applicable, draft limitation will be communicated via an additional notice to mariners.

BS2021-173 outer Port of Zeebrugge : renewal of crane rails CSP-terminal


The works for the renewal of the crane rails mentioned in BS2021-098 have been finalized.

BS2021-098 is herewith cancelled.

BS2021-179 diving exercises fire department –Herders Bridge – Dudzele


From the 9th of April until the 30th of June 2021 the local fire department will conduct diving exercises every Friday morning, between 9h30 and 11h30, in the Boudewijn-Canal in the vicinity of the Herders Bridge in Dudzele.

Vessels are requested to proceed with caution in the vicinity of the Herders Bridge.

BS2021-180 Traffic lights Old Mole


The traffic lights on the Old Mole are mal functioning. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

Vessel traffic information and guidance from Port Control have to be strictly followed.


BS2021-088Flemish Waste Management Plan Inland Shipping 2021


The new waste management plan for inland shipping is in effect from 1/01/2021 until 31/12/2025.
You can find this document in the file “Regulations” on Zedis ( )


BS2020-293 ADJUSTMENT PVD-Lock Habitat in lock waters


For works on the rails of lock gate 1 of the P. Vandamme Lock, the contractor will use a Habitat.

This Habitat will be placed on Wednesday the 25th of November 2020 and will remain in the lock until the end of the works (approx. until the end of July 2021).

As a result, the draft of the ships in the P. Vandamme lock will be limited to 13m.

Ships and lock master have to keep this in mind when ships are going through the lock and during the planning of the locks’ passages.

BS2020-319 Q416 no longer accessible


The inner jetty of Tameco (Q416) is no longer accessible due to the construction of the new bridge in the Connection Dock.

BS2020-296 Zeebrugge - Inner Port – Verbindingsdok


As part of the construction of the new bridge in the connecting dock, a (temporary) South Cardinal beacon will be placed on pile DBR_6 of an underwater structure. This will be positioned at the coordinates below (as can also be seen on the image on pg. 2):

• South Cardinal post in position:
51°18’45,39”N – 003°12’36,994” E

• With light character as follows:
white flickering light - flickers grouped by 6 followed by a long glare of at least 2sec.

BS2020-286 Zeebrugge Inner Port– works new bridge Connection dock (Verbindingsdok)


As part of the build of a new bridge over the Connection Dock, the pontoon Lynn, barge Tabiga and tug Ivo will be carrying out works.

All work vessels will keep a listening watch on VHF channel 68.

The shippers of the vessels can be contacted by phone on following numbers:

- Pontoon Lynn : 0031 (0) 6 814 11 251 (Alward den Breejen)
- Barge Tabiga : 0475412331
- Tug Ivo: 0486643630

Vessels are requested to proceed with caution in the vicinity of the Connection dock (Verbindingsdok).

BS2021-152 P. Vandamme Lock - interruption for the shipping traffic


Due to maintenance works the P. Vandamme Lock will be interrupted for the shipping traffic on:

Tuesday the 9th of March 2021 until Sunday the 18th of July 2021 on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 6h30 until 11h30 and on Sunday from 6h30 until 13h30

Each time until the mentioned end time or as much shorter as possible or longer as necessary.

All ships (inward- and outward bound) are requested to order the necessary tugs in time (minimum 4 hrs in advance).

BS2021-010 ADJUSTMENT 2 is cancelled.

BS2021-181 diving ops Seatrade Orange


On Tuesday the 13th of July 2021 between 9h00 and 15h00, divers will be working on m/v Seatrade Orange at quay 404 in the inner Port of Zeebrugge.

Vessels are requested to proceed with caution in the vicinity of quay 404.