Seabridge first in Belgium to receive the SCA certificate

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  • Seabridge

Seabridge recently received a certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) confirming their cupping lab meets all requirements of a "Premier Training Campus".
This means their quality laboratory is qualified as training center for coffee aficionados.

With this certificate and the honor of being the first Belgian SCA certified cupping lab, Seabridge now also offers training together with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) alongside the Arabica Q-grading course in cooperation with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

A Q-grader is specialized in “cupping” and “grading”, tasting and analyzing coffee beans. Cupping is assessing the green coffee beans and tasting the coffee. Grading is sorting the coffee beans by color and size.

Seabridge and Efico have a Quality team headed by Q-Grader and Coffee Expert Ivan Lamilla Muñoz and thanks to the SCA they are now on the list of best coffee training centers worldwide.  

Efico, the coffee trading company of which Seabridge is the logistics entity, differentiates itself by offering a complete concept throughout the coffee supply chain, from bean to cup. This means the green coffee beans are not just delivered as such, but attention is given to the whole journey coffee takes, from production up to consumption.

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